Our Mission

Little children have become prey to pedophilia adults. Cases of abuse of minors abound in our society. In Nigeria and most African countries, sexual abuse victims bear the psychological effects of watching their abusers evade just as there is no genuine legislation in place to care of thousands of cases reported yearly. There is also the issue of silent treatment on the part of the society on the victims. These silences prevail due to the fact that abusers are often relations, neighbors, friends and teachers of the victims. There is also a very disturbing religious angle to it and so, the victims are left to deal with the psychological effects themselves.   The aim of this website is to enlighten the public on the cancer which has remained, to a large extent, unchecked. This website will also give victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and any other kind of abuse the platform to tell their stories to the world. Sharing stories of these abuses have helped some of these victims to unburden their selves from the shackles of the psychological effects associated with being abused. These stories will also go a long way in public enlightenment as we struggle to save every child from sexual predators. This website will also provide assistance to victims who need help in dealing with the psychological effects associated with molestation. The safety of every boy and girl child is a struggle we all should identify with. Save the children and save the society.

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